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The Science

Why should I wear a Breastband?

Breasts consist mainly of mammary glands and soft tissue with limited support provided by Coopers Ligaments and the surrounding skin. Research shows that during exercise your breasts move resulting in tension on these ligaments.  Over time this tension can result in strain and permanent breast damage.  Think of the Coopers Ligaments and skin like a simple rubber band….if continually stretched and stretched it will become longer and will not bounce back.

When you participate in even mild exercise your breasts will move and it is this movement that can damage soft tissue and stretch the delicate Coopers Ligaments in your breasts.  This can result in irreversible sagging and permanent breast damage. Boo! Breast bounce can also cause significant discomfort or pain, as well as being a source of embarrassment putting women off physical activity.  The Breastband teamed with your fav sports bra provides the complete solution ensuring your girls are locked in place!