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What is the Breastband?

The Breastband is an athletic support band designed to be worn across the top of the breasts providing additional support for active women.  Simple to use, it prevents unwanted breast bounce during activity.

How do I wear my Breastband?

The Breastband is worn over the top of your sports bra.  Position the band across the top of the breasts ensuring it is above the nipples.  It should fit snug enough to prevent bounce, but not so tight that it feels uncomfortable.  It may take a couple of test runs to determine your most comfortable position and which clasp setting to use.  For more info check out our fitting page.

Do I need to wear the Breastband with a sports bra?

The Breastband can be worn directly over a sports bra or crop, regular bra or maternity bra.  For maximum support we recommend wearing the Breastband with a good sports bra.  The sports bra provides essential breast support while the Breastband prevents further bounce and breast movement, optimising support in all directions and maximising your comfort during exercise.

When should I wear my Breastband?

The Breastband is effective at reducing breast bounce during intensive activities such as running and jumping.  However many women love the additional comfort and security it provides during all types of exercise…it ensures your boobs are contained at the gym, whilst walking or during inverted yoga moves!  Knowing your breasts are being looked after allows you to focus on your own form and movement during any activity.

How do I wash the Breastband?

To extend the lifespan of your Breastband we recommend you hand wash in cool water with a mild detergent and dry flat in the shade.  If you do choose to machine wash, please place in a laundry bag and use a cold delicate cycle with no fabric softener.

Never tumble dry, bleach, iron or dry clean your Breastband as this will deteriorate the elasticity and fibres, altering the fit and performance of your Breastband.

How often should I replace my Breastband?

This will depend on many factors including how often you wear and wash your Breastband.  However, just like a sports bra, if you find it is no longer providing the same level of support it is time to replace it.  If you exercise regularly it is advisable to own 2 or 3 Breastbands that you can rotate. Wear one, one in the wash.