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Three tips to improve your running.

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Cardio is hard-io. Many people have a love/hate relationship with running. It’s hard, it’s hot but if you’re looking to trim that waistline it’s a great fitness option. The following tips will help you get the most out of your run and dare we say it…even enjoy it!

1. Accelerations/Decelerations

Break up the monotony of your running by working short sprints into your endurance training on a regular basis. This keeps your running form dynamic and makes you focus on your muscles and how your body is feeling. You won’t make performance gains if you always run at the same speed. So speed up and slow down to keep your body guessing.

2. Hill sprints

Running is not just about endurance training: Your body also requires strength. Why not try hill sprints at the end of a run.  This turns your regular run into a complete cardio and strength workout and helps you run with a more powerful stride.

Trial running


3. Trail running

Take advantage of the benefits of changing surfaces. Every surface has its own unique challenges. Your body must learn to react to them by unconsciously adapting your stride, foot strike and step frequency. This method is guaranteed to spice up your running training and nip boredom in the bud!

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