These are just some of the women who can now forget breast bounce.
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Today I rode my horse with the BreastBand. To be honest I didn’t think I had a bounce issue. Being a dressage rider it didn’t cross my mind – until I wore the band!  WOW! what a difference.  I really noticed that there was now no bounce,  This is definitely a worthwhile investment to protect the breast tissue.  It is absolutely worth trying, even if you don’t think there is a lot of bounce. Easy to put on and can be worn discreetly under a shirt at a competition. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Sara M.

Taegan breastband review

I’m always whinging to my team mates about my breasts moving around and being uncomfortable, so I was keen to give this breastband a try,  It does take a bit of trial and error with the best position and getting used to it.  But so worth persevering as very supportive and stops the movement.



I purchased the black band and haven’t stopped wearing it.  What a simple yet amazing product.  It really does stop my breasts bouncing.  They feel totally secure and do not move at all, even during my HIIT class when I am jumping around like a crazy lady!  I just had to buy another one.  Very excited that the white one has now arrived so I can always have one in my gym bag while the other one is being washed.  I very highly recommend the PinkClover Breast Band.


The Breastband stops me from bouncing and makes it so much more comfortable when I’m exercising.

Hannah Polities

Alina Muller and Grace McDonald

We both play ladies soccer and love the extra support and security from the breastband, makes such a difference.  You just forget you are wearing it.  No more boob bounce and it feels good to know we are helping to prevent saggy breasts as we get older.

Alina and Grace

Sue's breastband review

I am a size 38F bra and as well as wearing a good, well fitting sports bra, I have been wearing a PinkClover BreastBand and it works great.  What a difference the band has made to my walking experience whilst travelling around Oz.  My girls stay put and therefore its a far more comfortable walk.

Susan D

Kayelene Hunt breastband review

I can really feel the added support of the Breastband

Kayelene H

Jo's Pinkclover Breastband review

My sports bras always seem to stretch and not offer enough support.  I took the plunge and bought the pinkclover breastband.  No better way to try it than my first race – a half marathon!  Didn’t even notice I had breasts while I was running – must be a good sign!


Being 31 weeks pregnant I need all the support I can get! The PinkClover BreastBand is the perfect breast support – working out is so much more comfortable with everything properly supported and held in place.  You don’t even know you are wearing it, until you aren’t!!

Sarah N

Joanne and Jasmin breastband review

Being only small I didn’t think I needed this band, but I was amazed.  Feels really good once you’ve got it on, really comfy.  So much more support than just a sports bra even with small boobs.  Brilliant!

Really supportive whilst running and completing soccer drills. No movement and you just forget you are wearing it.

Joanne and Jasmin

I first tried this band out at the gym and was impressed how it can be worn discreetly under my top. I am a D cup and box jumps were painful and I was always self conscious too…not anymore.  My boobs don’t move! I can now concentrate on trying not to fall off the box, rather than the distraction of breast bounce!.  I have also tested out the band whilst trail running and absolutely love it.  I thought my sports bra was actually pretty good, but once I wore the breastband I realised how much my boobs were still bouncing whilst running.   This band is a real game changer for me.  My breasts stay put and I can enjoy being active,without being self conscious.


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