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Bouncing breasts holding you back? Current sports bra not giving enough support? Concerned about breast sag?

Team the PINKCLOVER Breastband with your favourite sports bra for total all round support. Your sports bra holds you up the Breastband holds you down = no more bounce. The perfect combination to keep you moving, comfortable & confident!

Leading an active lifestyle without adequate breast support can not only cause pain, but can also speed up irreversible breast sag…..but it’s not too late to reduce further wear and tear. Give your breasts the support they deserve.



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The PINKCLOVER Breastband is a streamlined and stylish compression band that works with your sports bra and hold breasts firmly in place, preventing the upward bounce and breast damage that can occur when exercising. Designed and constructed to perform, the soft, breathable fabric maximises comfort. Your ticket to a worry free workout!

With a choice of four sizes (S, M, L & XL) each with three rows of quality hook & eye closures there is a band to fit you. Whatever your back and cup size we’ve got your front!

Not just for intense activity. Wear it to the gym, yoga class or on a walk. The Breastband holds your breasts securely, even during inverted yoga moves. The Breastband can be discreetly concealed under your clothing, giving you additional support, comfort and confidence. Your ultimate workout buddy!

Correct size and positioning is key to maximising both the comfort and effectiveness of your PINKCLOVER Breastband.   Before ordering please check your size below.  For further information about fitting and wearing your Breastband check our fitting page.


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106 reviews for PINKCLOVER Breastband

  1. Katie

    Love this band! I have always worn two sports bras for running, which isn’t very comfortable, especially when it is warmer. I wore one sports bra plus the breastband and had no bounce for the whole 8km run. It is now an essential part of my running kit. Highly recommend.

  2. Jessie

    At first the band felt pretty uncomfortable but after a few adjustments of position I quickly got used to wearing it. Now I won’t exercise without it! I used to be sore taking my bra off after a cardio class but not anymore. The breastband really does stop the bounce, so supportive.

  3. Lucy

    I’m only a size 10C but I tried this horse riding and it is amazing. Sitting trot has never been so comfortable. I highly recommend it for all ladies that ride.

  4. Katherine

    Love the Breast Band. It really does what it says! No more bouncing, wish I had discovered it years ago.

  5. Sam

    I am large chested and have been using the breastband for my daily walks. Once I got used to the feel of it, it makes such a difference. No breast movement, just a comfortable walk. I also tried it at my Yoga class and it felt really secure, no more feeling like I’m spilling out the top of my bra when bending over. I have been telling all my friends to get one!

  6. Mia

    So happy with this product. It does exactly what it says! After an hour at the gym I had no movement, and no pain which is a first for me. I need to order more so I always have a clean one in my gym bag!

  7. Liz

    Very comfy and no bounce.

  8. Julia

    I am very well endowed, I ride horses for a living and trail run when I get the chance. I’ve been known to tape my bust for riding as the amount of movement is too painful and embarrassing. I was sceptical whether this band would actually help….Wow, I am truly amazed. My boobs do not bounce at all when I ride. I’m really excited about this product and have been telling all my friends!

  9. Gemma. S

    I am a fitness instructed who wears high support E cup bras (often 2 at a time) but they never totally stop the bounce. This amazing Breast Band really works, no more bounce and really comfortable. I can wear it discreetly under my tank and it has really boosted my confidence.

  10. Amy

    Brilliant. I recommend this band. It does exactly what it says!

  11. Lulu

    Amazing. I won’t exercise without it now!

  12. Sonia

    Wow! I feel so secure now. What a simple concept that really does work.

  13. Leanne

    Holds my ladies down perfectly. They really do not move anymore.

  14. Abi

    I’ve recently had my third baby, I’m breastfeeding and pumping and my boobs are out of control when I exercise. The difference this band makes is incredibly. Stops the bounce and the pain.

  15. Marsha

    It really does keep your ladies down. I am very large busted and this worked. It can give you a bit of a funny shape depending on the position, but with the size of my bust that is the least of my concerns!

  16. Claudia

    I gave it a good workout at the trampoline park with the kids. It certainly passed the bounce test and it didn’t move during the hour of us being there and jumping around.

  17. Belinda

    I sometimes go for an impromptu run after work and usually don’t have my sports bra. This doesn’t matter anymore. I keep the band in my handbag as it rolls up nice and small. I can wear it with my everyday bra (even the lacy ones) and still feel supported.

  18. Samantha

    The Breast Band has proved a much better solution than being trussed up in two sports bras. Fabulous product.

  19. Anthea

    Comfy, soft material. Doesn’t rub even when very hot and sweaty. Easy to adjust to get a good fit.

  20. Alison

    I have always worn expensive sports bras for running and was sceptical I needed this band as well, but a friend raved about it so I gave it a go. I’ve been running in it for 2 weeks now on top of my mega sports bra, the improvement is really noticeable. I forgot to put it on yesterday and within a few minutes of running I didn’t like it, too much movement.

  21. Sandy

    Brilliant product.

  22. Shelly

    I was sceptical, but this discreet little band really does work.

  23. Lisa

    Amazing. Where have you been all my life!!

  24. Sofia

    I complete triathlons and thought I would give it a try! It did absorb water (obviously!!) but didn’t affect the performance. It dried out a bit during my ride and still stopped my ladies bouncing when I ran.

  25. Jo

    I’m a hip hop dancer and bouncing boobs is not a good look (especially not when you are a 40E) I have given this band some vigorous testing…it really works. Highly recommended.

  26. Indie

    I was sceptical, but thought it was worth a try as I have real bounce issues! It really does work. I love it.

  27. Davina

    Just Wow!!

  28. Renee

    I’m very top heavy and self conscious of bounce when I’m at boot camp. This breastband makes an incredible difference. If I’m doing some really intense cardio and I’m very out of breath it can feel a bit tight, but not enough to be an issue. I love that it is so easy to put on and off so you can choose whether to wear it for the whole workout, or just the really intense jumpy parts!

  29. Nicola

    I didn’t ever think I would need something like this as I’m only small. But I tried out my friends breastband during netball training…what a difference. Apparently my boobs do bounce after all! I couldn’t believe the difference.

  30. Patty

    Makes such a difference. Thank you

  31. Susie

    Love this band, I will not run without it now.

  32. Julie

    It did take me a while to get used to wearing it, as felt a little tight /compressive. But when I went to bootcamp without it I really felt the difference. It is now always in my bag. Definitely worth the perseverance of getting used to it.

  33. Lia

    I wish I’d found this product years ago. I used to always wear two sports bras for high-impact workouts, but this little strap means I only need one. Half the washing, half the wear. Hurray!

  34. Jess


  35. Lucinda

    I love Yoga, but don’t love my big boobs. This band makes me feel really secure so my boobs don’t move around or get in the way during my class.

  36. Frances

    I didn’t realise I had any breast bounce until I tried this product! But they do in fact move …quite a lot in fact! But not anymore, this band really does stop that movement.

  37. Lauren

    Brilliant product, no more bouncing around, and I’m a G cup!

  38. Linda

    It makes you feel so supported during even the most intense jumping around!

  39. Lee

    I was a sceptic, but it does stop the bounce and is comfortable once you get used to it, I’m a 14E

  40. Jenny


  41. Paula

    I now only need one sports bra…first time ever!

  42. Jo

    I bought one and ran my first half marathon in comfort!

  43. Jenna

    Recently joined a local gym and started an 8 week challenge. I’ve always been very self conscious about my boobs moving around and wear 2 sports bras. I tried the Breastband after reading other reviews, and it makes such a difference. I now wear one bra and the Breastband, can jump around during class and not even have to think about my boobs…first time ever.

  44. Paige

    Great product.

  45. Fran

    I got this band to support my new boobs! So much more comfortable than what I wore after surgery. Doesn’t rub even when I’m really hot and sweaty.

  46. Taegan

    I’m always whinging to my team mates about my breasts moving around and being uncomfortable, so I was keen to give this breastband a try, It does take a bit of trial and error with the best position and getting used to it. But so worth persevering as very supportive and stops the movement.

  47. Jasmin

    Being only small I didn’t think I needed this band, but I was amazed. Feels really good once you’ve got it on, really comfy. So much more support than just a sports bra even with small boobs. Brilliant!

  48. Joanne

    Really supportive whilst running and completing soccer drills. No movement and you just forget you are wearing it.