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‘This excellent and supportive product is a godsend for women with large breasts or postpartum mums, comfortably holding boobs in place, easing soreness and preventing stretching’.
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‘Designed to be paired with your fave sports bra, this band offers extra support that women with larger breasts need to beat the bounce.’
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‘Women readers of SheBrisbane are all familiar with what is popularly referred to as “Breast Bounce” and how uncomfortable and embarrassing it can be.’
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‘It assists with stabilising the breast during physical activity…..The breast band can assist women in reducing the physical impact of exercise on their breasts.’
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A Nerang woman has designed an Australia-first exercise accessory that allows bigger busted women to keep fit without discomfort.
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Cosmetic surgeon Dr John Flynn said the discomfort associated with bouncing breasts was due to pressure on ligaments. “Anything that helps to moderate that bouncing effect is beneficial to women,” he said.
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‘…which is an innovative compression breastband that when paired with your sports bra or crop top you don’t get bounce when you go for a run.’
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‘A sports bra is essential when exercising, but some women need support.’
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‘Used in conjunction with your sports bra, the band is worn above the breasts to reduce any unwanted bounce…’
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‘How to stop your breasts bouncing! Gold Coast woman comes up with invention to prevent ‘jumpy boobs’ and pain while exercising.’
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‘Pink Clover Breastband is made by women, for women, helping active women defy breast bounce, and exercise in comfort and confidence.’ – Page 16.
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‘…..proves sometimes simplicity can be equally as effective and impressive. This soft band adds remarkable support for breasts during exercise, keeping bounce to a minimum.’